¡Acompáñame a conocer las riquezas culturales e históricas de México! Los recorridos turísticos que ofrezco están diseñados para los amantes de la historia, gastronomía y cultura mexicana. Conoce los mejores museos, las zonas arqueológicas más impresionantes y los templos novohispanos más deslumbrantes. Posiblemente prefieras caminar por las antiguas calles de México y Puebla conociendo sus secretos mejores guardados.


“My friends, stand up! Homeless are the princes, I am Nezahualcóyotl, I am the singer, I am the big headed parrot.”


For tourists, travelers and history lovers we have designed unique experiences focused on knowing the culture, gastronomy and history of Mexico. We have selected the most significant places around Mexico City and Puebla to make your trip to Mexico unforgettable. All places to visit have a great historical heritage and cover routes related to ancient Mesoamerica, the Conquest, the Viceroyalty, modern and contemporary Mexico. Some of these places are not very popular and therefore not very visited, but they keep unforgettable and magical spaces. We invite you to consult our destinations and select the ones that you find most attractive. We reiterate on the option of personalized tours where we can build an experience that suits you.

Just let us know about your expectations. Do not forget to fill out the form to reserve and quote on personal and group experiences. Feel free to ask any questions and be certain to be responded. At The Smoking Mirror we are committed to meet your expectations, make your experience a memorable trip and make you fall in love with Mexico. Thanks for your preference.

Below you can find the available experiences, where the outstanding sites of each one are highlighted: