¡Acompáñame a conocer las riquezas culturales e históricas de México! Los recorridos turísticos que ofrezco están diseñados para los amantes de la historia, gastronomía y cultura mexicana. Conoce los mejores museos, las zonas arqueológicas más impresionantes y los templos novohispanos más deslumbrantes. Posiblemente prefieras caminar por las antiguas calles de México y Puebla conociendo sus secretos mejores guardados.
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Welcome to my page

My name is Enrique Ortiz, a history lover, communicator, writer, lecturer and Official Tourist Guide (acknowledged by the Federal Ministry of Tourism, SECTUR). Most people identify me by the nick I use in social networks: Tlahtoani Cuauhtemoc. I am majored in Graphic Design and have a master degree in Integral Marketing.

In 2018, I was certified as a Federal Tourism Guide at the Tourism Higher School of the National Polytechnic Institute, where I graduated with honors as I achieved the second highest performance of my class. At present, I devote my time to my greatest passion: spreading and sharing the historic and cultural richness of Mexico.

Enrique Ortiz. El Espejo Humeante

I have worked on this for the last eight years by attending television and radio programs, writing on digital portals, giving lectures and organizing guided visits. So far, I count on more than 230,000 followers on my social networks, all of them my enthusiastic friends who share this great adventure of communication, spreading and learning. Some of the programs I have collaborated in are ConSentido on Ciudad TV channel; Susana Adicción, on Unicable; El Foco, on ADN 40 and some other programs on TV Azteca channel. I have also written cultural columns for digital portals such as Proyecto 10, Lopezdoriga.com and Mexico Huffington Post.

“Beautifully sing here the blue bird, the quetzal, the goldfinch: the quechol presides over the chant: he answers everyone, rattles and drums”

For eight years, I have organized and guided cultural and tourist tours in my country, which include the visit of archaeological sites, the historical downtown of Mexico City and Puebla, as well as of temples and convents built during the Viceroyalty. Thanks to the more than 200 tours I have guided, I am a faithful witness of the deep love and respect for Mexico reflected by my visitors and followers, who feel tempted to know more about my country’s history and to come back again.

I certainly believe that our national history becomes attractive and interesting to the people when they feel it near and tangible, far away from technical sophisticated terms. I am aimed at rescuing the values inherited by the autochthonous civilizations of this country and add those of the peoples that eventually arrived through the centuries in order to express what is Mexico and its people nowadays. I seek to humanize the historical characters  “stiffed” by the official history, in an objective and interesting way. I refer to those who sacrificed their blood to give us a homeland.

In 2019 I will be launching and promoting my first book on everyday issues of the mexica people, and I will tackle subjects such as prostitution, military organization, Tenochtitlan specters, religion, creation myths, pulque (traditional beverage) and sexual transgressions. I am very fond of the exquisite tacos al pastor, military strategy games, reading, writing, and walking around Mexican villages and towns. I consider myself a collector of convents and temples of New Spain, a hunter of altarpieces and Mesoamerican murals.

I invite you to enjoy together the cultural and historical richness of Mexico.

El Espejo Humeante  Cultural Tourism Agency

El Espejo Humeante is a tourism agency that offers experiences and visits to relevant places on the basis of its history, its culture and its gastronomic tradition, always accompanied by truthful, objective and interesting information to understand the present-day Mexico. We design tours by selecting the particularity, beauty and historical importance of the place to visit, leaving aside rates on the number of visitors or commercial data. For this reason we are constantly searching the most attractive and exclusive destinations to enrich your visit both in cities and in small towns of historic interest.

Our clients are our main priority at El Espejo Humeante, and we always seek to meet their expectations and offer delightful experiences. We are flexible, as we adapt our services and trips to the motivations, concerns and interests of our clients, granting them with memorable moments, fun and a deep cultural knowledge. For that reason, we offer experiences tailored to each client, no matter the subject, distance or duration. All our guides are professional people,officially certified and native of the places to visit, which means a plus to our service. In a globalized work, we believe in the richness of the local cultures.

Our destinations are located in Mexico City, Morelos, State of Mexico and Puebla in order to reduce travel times and focus on cultural spaces. These destinations have been selected over many others for our clients to know the heart and soul of Mexico. Each experience can include from one to thirty visitors depending on the demand. Truth be told, our experiences are more enriching if the group size is smaller than ten people.

Be sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed at El Espejo Humeante. More than 200 cultural visits during eight years support our service and professionalism.

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Enrique Ortiz. SECTUR

NOM 08 TUR 2002 Certification

This is the federal accreditation issued by SECTUR to tourist guides that offer orientation and information services specialized in tourist attractions and the cultural and natural heritage of Mexico. A federal tourist guide who has been accredited with the NOM 08 TUR 2002 is allowed to give guided tours through archaeological zones, convent complexes, temples, museums and other cultural spaces considered heritage of mexicans. Some of these scenarios are also World Heritage Sites.

All our guides are accredited with the SECTUR certification, so you can be sure that they count on academic backgrounds at institutions recognized by SECTUR. In my case, I received my education experience on tourism at the Higher School of Tourism of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico.